Step inside the heart of,
where all the magic happens.

Take a tour around the bakery

Head baker Joel deftly mixes our trademark cookie dough to the exact consistency needed, the low hum of machinery joining in the symphony of sounds.

Sarah, one of our junior pastry chefs, blends an array of spectacular icing colors, like an artist's palette, in preparation for the day’s work.

Along a pristine steel counter, Baker Liz skillfully prepares dough, clouds of flour rising as she kneads and rolls.

Towards the back of the kitchen, another talented junior pastry chef, Emily, removes cupcakes from the oven when they’re just right - not too dark or light to achieve the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Bride and groom cake pops are artfully designed for an upcoming wedding by our Head pastry chef, Markos, his skill and mastery pronounced in every stroke of his piping bag.

In a whirl of bright blue and purple, Emily decorates unicorn birthday cookies for an exciting 3-year-old birthday party, each one carefully, and lovingly designed to perfection.

Markos and Emily craft dozens of intricate Yankee cookies in time for the next ball game.

Move along through the hum of baking activity to the packing room, where Carlos our packer gently prepares delicate orders for shipping.

The boxes are still warm, as our FedEx driver transports a large order of tantalizing treats, created especially for a client’s upcoming event.

Finally, the goods are delicately unloaded and delivered to their lucky recipients, ready to enhance their party.